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A popular type of veneer is E-Max veneers, made from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. The E-Max system has a translucence which provides protection to actual teeth. Perhaps this translucent colour is E-max’s most appealing attribute. As traditional veneers have a tendency to be on the opaque end of the spectrum. Due to their natural aesthetics and strength, they are ideal for patients wishing to have natural-looking teeth. As a result, they are tough and durable but look exactly like real teeth. Other advantages of E-max include:

  • -They can last for at least 10 years with appropriate care. After that, patients generally request a replacement for cosmetic reasons.

  • -E-Max can be colour-matched to your existing teeth for a natural-looking and smooth integration smile.

  • -Since E-Max veneers are significantly stronger and tougher than regular porcelain veneers, only a small amount of enamel is removed. Therefore the patient will feel little to no discomfort while having teeth prepared.

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